Utili has some useful utility features.

General Utility Moderation Logging

Start with .help. You can change the bot's prefix on your server with .prefix [prefix] or use @Utili as a prefix.

Utili has several useful features to keep your server neat and tidy, along with helping out the moderators a bit.

⭐ Automatically purge channels
Delete messages when they get too old. Every so often, Utili will scan all channels where Autopurge is enabled. It looks for any messages older than the time that you specify and deletes them.

⭐ Allow certain types of messages in channels
In channels where this feature is enabled, Utili will scan every message to check whether it complies with the filter or not. For example, if you have added a Media filter to a channel it will check if the message contains an image, video, youtube link etc. If it doesn't, it deletes it and tells the user why.

⭐ Upvote and downvote on messages
In channels where this feature is enabled Utili will add upvote and downvote emotes to either every message or messages with attachments. You can customise these upvote and downvote emotes to be custom emotes on your server.

⭐ Add a notice at the bottom of a channel
In channels where this feature is enabled, Utili will send a notice message which you can customise fully with a title, body, colour and image URL. After a conversation, the notice will be moved back to the bottom of the channel. You can change how long after a conversation the notice gets moved.

⭐ Mark inactive users
If a user hasn't sent a message in a while, they'll get an inactive role. You can change the threshold on this. You can list them or kick all inactive users using commands.

⭐ Delete spam
Delete messages if a user is sending too many too fast. You can change the threshold on this.

⭐ Delete profane messages
Uses a smart filter to delete messages containing bad words. The filter tries its best to avoid flagging words that contain bad words to avoid false positives. The bot always tells a user why their message was deleted.

⭐ Log deleted and edited messages
Choose a log channel and Utili will send messages there when they're deleted or edited. For deletes messages, learn of the content, and for edited messages see a before and after comparison. Messages are encrypted and stored securely

⭐ Various useful commands
Utility commands for some of the most-needed things

⭐ Want any other features? Just ask me.
Use .about to get an invite to the bot's server

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