Play top christmas hits in your guild 24/7 and also view how many days there are left until Christmas Day!

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Christmas Radio allows you to play the all time best christmas music in your voice channel 24/7, with one simple command.


*play - The bot will join the voice channel you're in and will begin to play the christmas tunes 24/7!

*stop - The bot will leave the voice channel.

*countdown - See how many days, hours, minutes and seconds there are left to christmas day!

*playing, *np, *nowplaying - See what song is currently playing.

*volume 1 - 200 - The bot will change to the volume you specified.

*help - Lists all the commands there is to the bot.

Key Features:

• Play the all time best classic christmas songs everyone knows and loves in your guild, 24/7, with one command.

• See what current song is playing

• See how long there is until christmas day right down to the last second.

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Submitted: 11/24/2019

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