The Zombie Apocalypse is HERE! The world is in chaos, civilization has been destroyed, the question is... can you survive the ruination?

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The Crawling Dead

Text based zombie survival game.

Getting started

In all example commands below <argument> means a optional argument, [argument] means it's required.
This bot has more then 100 unique commands that can influenc game states, making it impossible to explain them all on this page.
You can join our support server if you need any help.

Use cd register [name] to create a account for the crawling dead. You should receive a DM from the bot after that with some info to get started.
The first thing you should do is check your inventory for a weapon. You can use cd inventory or cd iv for this. After you have found the weapon, you can equip it with cd equip [item]. [item] can be the item name or the item id.
If you check cd profile you can see what you are wearing and some more information about your character.

Usefull commands to stay alive

cd heal
cd eat [item] <amount>
cd drink [item] <amount>
cd use [item] <amount>
cd inf Lists your health, hunger, thirst and inventory space
cd item [item] Query item info
cd craft [item] <amount>



You will need supplies to survive. For this you can use the cd loot command. When triggered you get a prompt with a few locations. Each location holds a different loot type. You can select a location by reacting with the same emoji.


You have a garden where you can grow your own food. Use cd garden or cd g to see information about your garden.
The cd hourly command will give you random seeds. You can plant these with cd g plant <amount>. You can also plant specific seeds, which are found while looting. To plant these cd g plant [id] <amount>. This only works with the item id of the seed you want to plant. Random seeds are excluded from inventory count and displayed in the cd g command. Specific seeds are placed inside your inventory, and do take slots. When your crops are ready, harvest them with cd harvest.


Fishing requires a rod and bait. Bait can be found with the cd dig command. The amount you will get from it depends on the weather. When it's raining you can find more earthworms!
Rods can be found or crafted. See cd i 200 for a craftable rod.


Sometimes a hunting event is triggered in a channel. You can shoot it with shoot (without prefix). The player that is able to kill it, will get the reward!


Raw fish and meat should be cooked before you eat it. You can get sick by eating raw food. Being sick has some annoying side effects, and takes some time to recover.
Use the cd item [name] command for finding possible recipes for a item, and the cd cook [item] <amount> to start cooking. The cd cook command lists the things you are cooking. The .cook collect command collects all the things that are ready.

A campfire is required for the cd cook command. Campfires are bound to a channel, and there can only be one campfire active in each channel. Creating a fire requires the fire skill (you can get this by reading the scout book) and a 'fireplace kit'. After the fire is active, everyone in the channel can use it or add items to it. You can extend the fire timer by adding items to it cd fire add [item]. Use cd fire command to see if there is a active fire.


The market can be accessed with the cd market command. This is where you can sell your items, or buy items from other players.


The shelter gives some advantages and upgrades to unlock more commands. See cd shelter to get started. The number next to the upgrade name is the level or 0 when not build yet.

Curing diseases

When you eat raw fish or meat you can get salmonella. To cure salmonella you have to eat a activated charcoal tablet. After taking them it takes a few hours before you are cured. You can speed up this process by eating a multivitamine pill before you take the charcoal tablet. Multivitamine pills boosts the immune system.

Changing the bot prefix

By default this bot reacts on two prefixes, cd and ..
You can change the prefix of the bot with cd server prefix [prefix]. You will need administrator perms for this!
Note, this command only replaces the . prefix, cd can't be replaced. This should be handled by the server owner and discords permissions management.

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