A bot with one purpose: to toggle NSFW.

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You may have noticed that Discord does not have an option to make NSFW channels on its iOS app. According to a developer, "Apple requested we remove the NSFW toggle" and you have to use the desktop app to do it. Because of this, iOS users (like myself) have not been able to make NSFW channels for a while.

This bot has one purpose, and one purpose only: to enable or disable NSFW on channels.


Command: @NSFW-Toggle nsfw
Aliases: toggle, toggle-nsfw
Description: Toggle NSFW for the current channel
Permission: You must have at least "MANAGE_CHANNELS" to use this command.


Bot Info

The provided bot invitation link grants the bot "MANAGE_CHANNELS" and "SEND_MESSAGES". Optionally, giving the bot "MANAGE_MESSAGES" will allow the bot to delete the command that you sent.

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Prefix: @NSFW-Toggle

Submitted: 12/02/2019

Approved: 12/02/2019

Edited: 12/02/2019

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