Listen to music, fight your friends, play blackjack, and much more !

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How to use the Chaotic Bot

Just enter €help to get a list of all the bot's commands. The default preifx for the bot is , but that can be changed to suit your needs.

What can it do for you ?

With 70+ commands, this bot is the swiss army knife you need in your server. Here are the most important features :

Play a game

Command Description
play Play music directly in your channel
fight Someone messed with you too much ? Go fight him ! But be aware that even the gods may be against you…
blackjack Play blackjack with your friends, or all alone

Discover all kinds of beautiful images

Command Description
apod Get the Astronomy Picture Of the Day because yes, I hacked the NASA
meme Get a random meme, just for the fun
robot How would a robot named Bulgroz look like ? Well, use this command to discover it

Listen to music

play, pause, skip, volume… all the commands you need to have granular control over the music you listen to are in the Music cog. Use €help Music to learn more information about this

Manage your server

Command Description
kick A massive kick command just for you : kick as many users or even roles as you want in one go, with a little recap before the bot proceeds
swear Use this command to automatically delete messages containing swear words, except the admins' ones of course. Use swear on/off to turn the filter on/off, swear auto to use autodetection and swear [word] to add a specific word.
role Have you always dreamt of having the possibility to automatically assign a role to everyone that reacts to your message ? With the chaotic bot, that dream has come true. Use help role to get the entire syntax of this command
prefix The bot's prefix is , and you don't like that. You prefer best. No problem : just enter €prefix best. And if you don't remember the prefix, will always be a valid prefix for the help command, which gives you the actual prefix.

Discover hidden secrets

This bot has much more to offer, with achivements to unlock. And one of those is to find all the hidden commands, and the hidden prefix. Good luck finding it. (Pro Tip : it's only one in length)

Learn more about me

If you want a complete guide of my commands, use the €help command, and if you want it more detailed just use help [command]

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