Eureka is a fully customizable bot. You can use it to moderate your server, listen to music with your friends, get informations about lot of players and servers and use a leveling system to make competitions with your community. You can use the dashboard (already in development) to change the prefix and manage all add-ons.

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Here is the list of all available features of Eureka :

šŸ‘® Moderation

The moderation system will help you to moderate your server and keep only cool members in the server. There is lot of commands like ban, kick, warn, unwarn and logs command.

šŸŽ§ Music

The play command is to make the bot join the channel where you are. There is no queue system yet but in the future, the feature will be add. The leave command is to make the bot leave the channel where it is. you can activate the dj command to set the dj only mod.

šŸŒ€ Utility

The utilities commands are the event and the invite commande. the first is to create an event with a register system and a reminder. the second is to get the invite link of the bot.

šŸŽˆ Leveling

There is also a leveling system to play with your community or your friends to know who is the most active member of your server. Use the rank command to get informations about your satistics or toprank to get the first member on the podium.

šŸ’­ Informations

You can get all informations about users and servers where you are like their roles or the number of channels. Ping the bot to get connection informations and send the help command to get lot of informations about all commands

šŸ“¬ Fun

A vdm command is available to say you a fun story. There is also a strange command to get a horrible image.

šŸ’ˆ Configuration

The bot is configurable with a lot of commands like config prefix and set-maxwarn commands. Other commands will also appear in the future to set of or on the modules.

āš ļø The bot is already on development. You can send a message to the bot owner if you find a bug or an issue. Lot of commands will appears in the future. āš ļø

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