Eureka is a fully customizable bot. You can use it to moderate your server, listen to music with your friends, get informations about lot of players and servers and use a leveling system to make competitions with your community. You can use the dashboard (already in development) to change the prefix and manage all add-ons.

General FunLevelsModerationMusicUtilityWeb Dashboard

List of the features of Eureka:

  • Listen to music from youtube links
  • Moderate your server with commands and permissions
  • A nice leveling system can help you to know more your community
  • A web dashboard can be used to parameter the bot in your server and customize all commands on the server.
  • Get informations about the members of the server and use a clear command to clear channels

The basic command prefix is - and can be modified on the dashboard. To get a list of all commands, do the -help command.

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Submitted: 05/03/2020

Approved: 06/19/2020

Edited: 06/28/2020

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