OpenBot is a discord bot which anyone can contribute to. Also, you can choose exactly what commands you want in your server.

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What is OpenBot?

OpenBot is a discord bot focused around the idea of open source community coding. The dream of OpenBot is to have a bot which can fill all the roles needed in a server, rather than having 20 different mini-bots. Of course, one developer cannot make this happen. Otherwise it would have already been done. A community of developers need to work together in order to provide all the functionality needed. Up until now, these developers have all focused on their own bot. OpenBot is designed to combine all these projects into one bot.

How OpenBot Works

Since OpenBot is geared towards community coding, there is no command code written directly into it. The only code that is part of the OpenBot Core is a framework to run commands from a database. That database has all the commands and information you see when you interact with OpenBot. Server owners can pick and choose what commands from the database they want to add to their server. Just like picking and choosing bots, except they can do it all in one ecosystem.

I found a bug!

If you found a bug in a command, you can visit the OpenBot website, use the command search to find the command, and edit it to fix the bug. The owner will be sent a pull request which they can review. However, developers have the option not allow pull requests, so you might not be able to edit the command. If you can't edit it, you can DM the author of the command and let them know about the bug. (They are probably in the OpenBot Support server)

If you have found a bug in the core code of the bot, or the website, dm an OpenBot Developer (People with the OpenBot Developer role in the OpenBot Support server)

How do i create a command?

You can create commands on the OpenBot Website (

You can find documentation for the editor and our website at our Docs (

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