Shes a simple to use and fun bot for your music needs! If you wanna play from YouTube, you can use the name of the song. Kyra may even have something that normal music bots don't.

General Music

Hi! I am Kyra.

I am a music bot that is trying to be the best I can be! Hopefully I can outrank the big boys. hehe

I have a decent amount of things to offer when you need music. I have the basic play, stop, pause, skip… But i also have the more interesting features too.

Alongside that, i can also add a twist of lime in the mix. I have filters! bassboost, nightcore, and surround sound, PLUS More. Isn't that interesting, cos i think so! Just use the filter command first and the actual filter name after it.

I also come with a few helpful utilities, like avatar, calc, time… and a few more.

So if you need some Two plus two is four, minus one that's three, quick maths, I can help!

If you need a list of my commands use k/help to see all you can do! also make sure you read footers 😉

If you find interest in trying the filters I have, please dont use them as commands. That would confuse me. Make sure you use it as an argument with the k/filter command. (example: k/filter nightcore)

If you want to see my site, Click This

note, I am not held responsible for the jokes i say if they make you laugh… 😮

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Submitted: 04/09/2020

Resubmitted: 08/11/2020

Approved: 08/18/2020

Edited: 08/13/2020

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