Manage Trello Boards Straight From Discord! We allow you to link your Trello boards to your Discord server and receive updates to Discord when changes are made, or manage your Trello board from Discord.

General Utility

The Trello Bot Is Back, known as Taco now!

• Manage Your Trello Boards, See Board Activity, Manage Your Webhooks, Use Multiple Boards Per Server, And More!

• Simple Web-based Authentication To Get You Started As Soon As Possible!

• Friendly Support Staff Available To Assist With Any Issues You May Encounter!

Get started by heading to our Guide where you will be guided by both article and screenshots, or by running T!help to see the list of commands Taco offers

Trello, Taco The Husky and the Trello Logo are trademarks of Trello, Inc. and are not associated with this project

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Submitted: 04/14/2020

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