A digimon-based bot with a lot of potention.

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Digimon Universe

event 🎄 Christmas Event Update! Calumon's Christmas Accident.

Exchange gifts for goodies at the 'd-calushop'

Collect Exchange points to reedeem achievements, bits and More!

Upcomming Features

  • Evolution System
  • New items
  • Campaign Mode
  • Dna Fusion
  • And MORE!

Quick start Guide

As soon as you invite Digimon Universe to your server you should run the d-start command, it'll open a dialogue where it asks you a few questions, then after registering, you can use d-battle to start levelling-up your Digimon,


battle - Starts a random battle

analyzer - Check the list of registered digimons

start - It is time to start your new digital adventure!

bitsrank - check the top 10 most rich tamers.

calushop - Exchange gifts for goodies.

eprank - check the top 10 most honest tamers.

shop - Buy Items and other things here.

bag - See your Item list.

costume - See your Costume list or Change your Costume.

digibank - Check your digimon list!

mysterygift - redeem special codes givem from developers/other users

profile - Check your profile with this command!

help - Check the available commands, and get help on some of them!

news - Check the featured events!

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