Call me with >>, and I'll fetch for you your latest Halo gameclip and display it in a pretty way!

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The Halo Clips bot's is now faster, easier to use, more resilient and with more features!

  • Fetching clips and screenshots is now 30 to 50% faster than before!
  • You can navigate to older clips/screenshots using the ⏪ and ⏩ reactions.
  • You can get a direct download link to your clip or screenshot by clicking the 📥 reaction.
  • You can save your gamertag using the >> save Your Gamertag command.
  • You can specify one game by using its full name or an abridged version of it.
  • The parameters of the basic command can be put in any order: >> Tepec Fett Reach screenshot or >> Reach screenshot Tepec Fett, the bot will understand both just the same way!
  • The bot can be set to english or french.
  • You can set a prefix other than the default >> for your server! Use >> help to see the full list of available commands.

Basic usage

>> "gamertag" game type

All the arguments are optional and can be put in any order.

  • gamertag (optional): replace this with the gamertag I should look at. This argument is mandatory if you did not save any gamertag as yours (see below). Please note that you may need to quote the gamertag if your gamertag contains space or words like Halo, Reach, ODST and things the bot could understand as a Halo game.
  • game (optional): the name of the specific Halo game from which you want me to retrieve something. It can be the full name, or an abdriged version of it; for example, you can use H5 instead of Halo 5: Guardians, or ODST, Reach and so on.
  • type (optional): replace this by screenshot or clip depending on what you'd like to retrieve. If no type is provided, i'll retrieve the latest clip.

General commands

  • >> remember Gamertag: save/change the Gamertag to which I should bind you.
  • >> help : send help.
  • >> invite: get an link to invite this bot to your own servers.
  • >> delete: delete all data stored about you.

Admin commands

  • >> set-language: I will ask you the language into which I should speak, amongst the list of languages I can manage.
  • >> prefix new-prefix: change the prefix used to call the bot.
  • >> uninstall: the bot will delete everything it stored about this Discord server and will leave it.

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