Call me with >>, and I'll fetch for you your latest Halo gameclip and display it in a pretty way!

General Games Utility


You'll have two ways to let me know which player's clip you want me to get:

  • by telling me >> myGamertag "%gt%" (replacing %gt% by the Gamertag you want), I will remember this for you and will be able to call my just by using >>,
  • you can add the option -gt=%gt% (replacing %gt% by the Gamertag you want) to the command.


Please find hereafter the list of available commands and options:

>> directLink                  |    Send a DM with the direct link to the clip file (.mp4).
>> help                        |    Display this full message.
>> info                        |    Display info about the bot.
>> invite                      |    Get a link so you can add this bot to your own Discord servers.
>> myGamertag    "Gamertag"    |    Associates and remembers the gamertag provided to the Discord user who called this.
>> screenshot                  |    Fetches the last Halo screenshot instead of video clip.


OPTION                                               |   DESCRIPTION
-gt="Gamertag"                                       |   Provides the Gamertag to look up for this command (no save).
-game="MCC|Guardians|Reach|H3|H4|ODST|HW|HW2|Forge"  |   Fetches the last clip on the specific game provided.


>> screenshot -gt="Tepec Fett" -game="Reach"

=> I will fetch and display the last screenshot Tepec Fett took on Halo: Reach.


This bot is provided and maintained by Halo Création, but fetching the clips and screenshot is possible thanks to ; thank them for the hard work they've been giving!

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