Globan is a public ban list that will ban known rule breakers on your server.

General Moderation

This bot will protect you against:

  • DM advertisements
  • Raiders
  • Spammers
  • racism/sexism
  • Selfbots
  • Scam links
  • And moreā€¦

You can use the commands:

  • g!report <bad_user> : will report a user that is not following the rules.
  • g!help : Get some help protecting your server.
  • g!ban <bad_user> <reason> : Ban members from your server(It will not get globanned, use -report)
  • g!kick <bad_user> <reason> : It will kick the user from your server(Users can join back)
  • g!credits : The developers of the bot and website.

Check banlist:

Please note: We are checking a database with known rule breakers in order to stop them from joining your server, if you find a rule breaker, use the command g!report.

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