RPG bot with many functionality like battle the monsters, duel, class system, skills and many more.

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ChaosRPG is a discord bot, text based RPG game which has cool features to keep your server relevant. In this bot you can create a character and have him fight against monsters, go on adventures or even PVP against other characters. Additionally, your character is accessible in any discord server.


This bot can simulate battle with real-time attribute between user and monsters. Giving the accurate percentage in determining the winnner. Your attributes will grow as you level up.


The stories are told by the Loremasters for an epic adventure journey.


Want to hold a tournament in your server? Why don't you give it a try by using our duel command.


You can even send your character to an adventure and let yourself afk. Adventure drops bigger loot than general battle fight.

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Submitted: 01/21/2020

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