An easy-to-use multipurpose bot, with features such as moderation (e.g. muting), cookies and logging (e.g. deleted messages). Did I mention that we have GIFs too?

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What's dot.bit?

Dotbit is a multipurpose bot designed to be funny, with a range of features such as moderation and cookies. It's designed to be as simple as possible to use, with no needed setup aside from inviting the bot and making sure it has appropriate permissions (for certain commands).

Commands (prefix: d.)

Bot information

Command Description Example
help Get a list of commands, or learn how to use a particular one. cat
about Learn more about dot.bit. d.about
ping Measure how much lag dot.bit is under.
privacy Get a URL to dot.bit's privacy policy. d.privacy
support Get an invite to dot.bit's support server.


Command Description Example
ban Ban a user from your server (permanently). d.ban @OwaHai
kick Kick a user from your server. d.kick @OwaHai
mute Mute a user, preventing them from sending message or adding reactions. d.mute @OwaHai
softban Ban and unban a user, clearing recent messages. d.softban @OwaHai 3 spam
blacklist Prevent a command from being run within your server. d.blacklist say
modlog Set your server's logging channel, to log moderation actions in. d.modlog #logs


Command Description Example
8ball Get advice to the hardest of situations. d.8ball Is anyone there?
dice Roll up to 10 dice. Use arguments to indicate the number of sides you want each dice to have. d.dice 6 6 4
fact Learn a new fact. d.fact
mc Get information about a Minecraft server, whether good or bad.
giphy Search on GIPHY for a specific GIF, or a random one. d.giphy dance
cookie Give someone a cookie, or view how many cookies you have. d.cookie @OwaHai
say Make dot.bit say whatever you want. d.say Hello!

Oh, and we also have GIFs. Feel free to argue over how that's pronounced.

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Submitted: 05/04/2020

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Approved: 01/23/2021

Edited: 01/29/2022

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