Responds with a random Waluigi quote every time somebody says "Wah" or "Waluigi"

General Fun

The bot responds with an official quote of Waluigi when somebody says "Wah", "Waluigi", mentions @Waluigi, or triggers one of several easter eggs.

The bot also has commands to send a Waluigi quote on specific keywords.

It has settings for both Server keywords and individial user keywords.

Server information requires Administrator permission to view/edit.

Wah!help is the help command and shows the command list

Command list:

  • Wah!Add word: adds a word to your custom word list
  • Wah!ServerAdd word: Adds a word to your guilds custom word list
  • Wah!Remove word: Removes a word from your custom words list
  • Wah!ServerRemove word: Removes a word from your guilds custom word list
  • Wah!Help: Shows the help message
  • Wah!Suggest suggestion: Makes a suggestion for what Waluigi should have in a future update
  • Wah!List: Shows all words you have set
  • Wah!Serverlist: Shows all words for this guild
  • Wah!EraseData: Remove all user data
  • Wah!EraseServerData: Remove all guild (server) data

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Prefix: Wah!

Submitted: 05/15/2020

Approved: 08/20/2020

Edited: 06/08/2021

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