Have as much power as you want, Bag can do it all. Moderation tools, reaction roles, powerful logging, Twitch integration, and more.

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Bag is a Discord bot designed to make moderating your guild a lot easier. It is packed full of features and utilities.

  • Usercards - a way to see all information about a user at a quick glance.

  • Moderation tools - kick, ban, warn, mute, put notes on users. Punish those who do bad things!

  • Reaction roles - reactions that give a role when clicked on. A good way to manage roles!

  • Event logging - see all events that happen in your server. Nickname changes, joins, and more.

  • Voice logs - see the voice activity of any user or log all of it to a channel.

  • Twitch integration - get notifications when a streamer goes live!

…and more! Check out the documentation below to learn about all the other features present in Bag.


Check out the bot's website for more information.


Have any questions? Check out the bot's documentation.

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