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A bot that shows information about game servers. Currently supports cs:go, cs 1.6, minecraft and garrys mod.

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•Server bot is a bot that will show you information about your game server such as server name, ip, map, online player count and online players.

•The bot is designed to be used easily. You just have to set your game servers ip and you are ready to go.

Command Description Usage
help Shows you the list of all available commands !help
prefix Changes bots prefix !prefix (prefix)
setcsgoip sets the ip of the cs:go server !setcsgoip (ip)
csgoip shows information about the cs:go server !csgoip
csgoplayers Shows currently online players in the cs:go server !csgoplayers
setcs16ip Sets the ip of the cs 1.6 server !setcs16ip (ip)
cs16ip Shows information about the cs 1.6 server !cs16ip
cs16players Shows currently online players in the cs 1.6 server !cs16players
setgmip Sets the ip of the garrys mod server !setgmip (ip)
gmip Shows information about the garrys mod server !gmip
gmplayers Shows currently online players in the garrys mod server !gmplayers
setmcip Sets the ip of the minecraft server !setmcip (ip)
mcip Shows information about the minecraft server !mcip
delete Deletes the given amount of messages from the channel !delete (amount)
meme Sends a random meme from Reddit !meme
suggest Sends your suggestion to the bot owner !suggest (suggestion)
support Sends a link to my support discord server !support

•And so much more

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Submitted: 08/09/2019

Approved: 08/09/2019

Edited: 03/08/2020

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