An advanced music bot supporting, apple music, spotify, youtube, soundcloud, local files and discord attachments with free music filters and lots of side features and tools

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KokNut - a Music Bot

KokNut is a bot that plays youtube and spotify music and apple music playlists but also has many cool features which can help you manage your server.


My best feature is farm work minigame!! Type --help farm to get started


Name Description Usage Aliases
Play Plays YT, Spotify or Apple playlist or YT song play [current | next] <URL> p
Stop Stops music or radio stop leave, quit, stopit
Join Joins a VC join j
Loop Loops playlist loop none
Shuffle Shuffles playlist shuffle mix
Seek Rewinds track to given time in seconds seek <time> rewind
Move Moves track to the front or given new index move <song index> [new index] mv
Remove Removes track from the queue or range of tracks remove <song index> [range] rm
Queue Displays current track queue queue [page] q
Skip Skips current track skip next
Back Plays previous song back prev
Pause Pauses track or radio pause none
Resume Resumes track or radio resume none
Save Saves playlist for easy play save <private | public | guild> <URL> none
Load Loads saved playlist load <name> none
List Displays saved playlists list none
Removeplaylist Removes playlist by its name removeplaylist <name> rmpl
Bassboost Boosts track's basses bassboost <on | off | (0 - 100)> bb
Equalizer Lets you set 15 band equalizer equalizer <up to 15 numbers between -0.25 and 1.0> eq
Volume Lets you set current track's volume volume <0 - 100> vol
Lyrics Displays lyrics for current song if any lyrics text
Session Displays how long I was playing songs in one session (resets after leave) session none
Song Displays info about current song song nowplaying


Name Description Usage Aliases Cooldown
Balance Displays how much money you have gotten. balance <mention> bal, acc, account 5s
Deposit Deposit your money from your wallet to your bank account. deposit [amount | all] dep 5s
Withdraw Withdraw your money from your bank account to your wallet. withdraw [amount | all] wth 5s
Inventory Displays the content of your inventory. Items, food and accessories. inventory <\page> inv 5s
Shop Check wide range of products. Buy products using `buy`\ command. shop <page> store, retail 3s
Buy Buy items from the shop. Some items (food) are critical for you, some have enhancement features, some are made just for selling/collecting, and some are only to flex on your homies. buy <item> none 3s
Use Use and/or interact with your items. use [item] none 3s
Beg Ask/beg people for spare change. You have a high chance for gaining $, medium chance for gaining $$ and low chance for gaining $$$ beg none 20s
Work WIP. Minigame that allows you to gain money by working. You can select a job from the list and work every 45minues in your time shift. work <list | apply | choose | quit> job 5s
Farm Become a successfull farmer in this original minigame/work. Plow, sow, water, harvest, sell, expand your farm and make a lot of money. To start use farm plow d4 d5 e4 e5 , buy wheat using farm buy 4 wheat an plant with farm plant wheat d4 d5 e4 e5 farm <plow | sow | plant | water | harvest | info | expand | inv | shop> none 6s
Level Displays your level level xp, lvl 5s
Profile Displays your profile profile <mention> prof, whois 5s


Name Description Usage Aliases Cooldown
Decode Decodes text from specified encryption decode <numberic base> <text> decrypt 5s
Encode Encodes text to specified form encode <numberic base> <text> encrypt 5s
Embed Lets you create your custom embed. (pretty cool if you ask me) embed [<option> <text>] (options: -title, -desc, -c (colour) -f (field), -img, -foot, -ts (timestamp)) (separate field title and value with "–") Example: embed -title Hey -desc test -f Items -- Item1, Item2 -img <url> -ts -foot Footer text -c 255 0 128 none 5s
Define Searches for definition in Urban Dictionary define <text> df 10s
Suggest Suggest a new feature or report a bug suggest <suggestion> none 1h
Translate Translates previous message or translates message from english to specified language translate [<lang code> <text>] none 6s
Weather Displays current weather in given area weather <location> none 10s
Random Returns random number from 0-100 random <max> or <range> rand 0s
Timezone Lets you choose or search for your timezone for work command and other cool features. timezone <city | location> none 5s


Name Description Usage Aliases Cooldown
Help Displays command categories and Displays info about commands help [category] or help [command] none 0s
Ping Displays ping ping none 10s
Time Displays current and your working shift, timezone and time time none 5s


Name Description Usage Aliases Cooldown
Delete Removes messages delete <amount> destroy, del, purge 5s
Clear Removes messages of specific user clear <mention> [amount] clr 5s
Set Displays and lets you change server settings set <levelup on/off here/lastchat | xp on/off | welcome on/off/here> settings 0s
Prefix Lets you change prefix prefix <new prefix> none 60s
Log Displays deleted messages log none 1h

You can suggest feature using --suggest <feature> and try my best to add it in the next update!

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Submitted: 07/15/2020

Resubmitted: 03/18/2021

Approved: 03/20/2021

Edited: 05/30/2021

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