A bot that lets you search Letterboxd for films, crew members, users, reviews, lists, and diaries.

!film/!movie/!kino/!f <film-name> (<year>)

Searches a film on Letterboxd. The year is optional.

!crew/!director/!actor/!actress/!c <name>

Searches a crew person.

!user/!u <username>

Displays the details of a Letterboxd member.

!review/!entry/!r <username> <film-name> (<year>)

Displays the logged entries (review, diary) of a film.

!list/!l <username> <list-name>

Searches a list from a member.

!diary/!d <username>

Displays the recent diary entries from a member.

!follow/!unfollow <username>

Follows or unfollows a Letterboxd member and automatically posts new diary entries in the channel, similar to an RSS feed. Use !follow list to see a list of Letterboxd members currently being followed.


Deletes the last message the bot sent in a channel.

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Submitted: 11/13/2019

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