A bot that logs all the @mentions there are in a guild. Also shows ghost mentions (with all it's forms).

A bot that logs mentions and especially ghost-mentions!

ghostyPing is a logging bot that stores every mention there is in a guild. It also stores ghost-mentions (Mentioning then deleting the message, mentioning then editing the message).


%help Incase you want to view the commands list again.

%pings <[all/everyone/@user-mention/username/usertag/nickname]> Shows you the recent [x] mentions made.

%pinged <[@user-mention/username/usertag/nickname]> Shows you the recent mentions [x] recieved.

%ghosted <[everyone/@user-mention/username/usertag/nickname]> Shows you the recent ghost mentions [x] had.

%stats Shows you your server's statistics & the bot's.

%setprefix <default> Changes the bot's prefix to your liking.

[] means that each one of them works.

<> means that it's optional.

<[]> means that if you don't put anything, it will display your output.

ghostyPing does not require any important permission (Just allow it to send embeds+ use external emojis) and it's simple to use.

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Prefix: %

Submitted: Apr 21, 2019 10:24 AM

Edited: Apr 23, 2019 10:56 AM

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