Start your journey to collect the most Pokémon badges! RPG your pokemon to become the best trainer!

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As a pokemon trainer, you start in the Kanto region, where you can catch pokemon and nurture them to increase their levels. The goal is to get stronger every day, and be able to challenge the best trainers of each region, starting with mighty Brock and his rock-solid defense.

o!setup gets you started.

o!tutorial will show you the basics.

o!spinstop will get you pokeballs. You can spin the stop every 5 minutes.

o!player will show your current status.

o!wildmon will show you the pokemon that have spawned in the wild for your current region. Spawns will change every 40-60 minutes.

o!catch is what you need to get the pokemons!

o!mons will show you your current monster inventory. You can hold 10 at the beginning, but getting badges will also reward you with more inventory space.

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