🤖🌐 A Discord bot where you can search articles on Wikipedia and extend your knowledge about the world! With this bot on your server, you can search articles on Wikipedia and get short summaries of them. With it, you can quickly share knowledge like how high the population in a country is or to get a description of something you want to know more about.

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Wikipedia Bot for Discord

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What is this bot all about?

TL;DR - it's just an amazing bot!

This bot is used on over 750 servers by a total of >100k users!

The Wikipedia Bot sends you short summaries of a Wikipedia article you searched for.

You can quickly share the information about a topic on your Discord server, for example you want information about a game or a person.

In future updates, it will also read articles for you with text-to-speech support and it will be able to send you a list of the references used in a Wikipedia article.


All Commands

Main features:

  • !help - You guessed it!
  • !wiki <search term> - Gives you a short summary of a Wikipedia article you searched for!
  • !sources "<search>" <range> - This command sends you the references used in a Wikipedia article. (Example: !sources "GitHub" 1-5) (more help needed? -> Write !sources in a channel)
  • !info - Information and stats about the bot.
  • !bot - Sends you a bot invite link with which you can invite the bot to your own server.

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Submitted: Apr 12, 2019 5:13 PM

Edited: Jul 11, 2019 7:06 PM

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