An easy-to-use CAPTCHA Bot to protect your Discord from Raiders and Self-Bots!

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Introducing CAPTCHABot, the easy-to-use Discord Bot to protect your Guild from Raiders and Self-Bots! CAPTCHABot is still in development - should you have any suggestions or need help setting CAPTCHABot up for your Guild, feel free to message me (Pexing#4217)

To get started, invite CAPTCHABot to your Guild and simply run c/setVerifiedRole < Member Role > to specify which Role you want verified users to get.


c/help - Displays a handy little help message to show you all commands

c/verify - Generates a CAPTCHA for the user to solve

c/vc < CAPTCHA > - CAPTCHA Readback Command

c/setVerifiedRole < Role > - Sets the Role to be given to verified users. (Requires Administrator Permission)

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Submitted: 03/11/2019

Approved: 03/11/2019

Edited: 01/15/2020

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