An easy-to-use CAPTCHA Bot to protect your Discord from Raiders and Self-Bots!

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An Artificial-Intelligence Powered Security Bot for your server

Industry Standard Security for your Server

With over 1.000.000+ Users scanned and 140.000+ Global Reports issued you can rest assured that the work you put into your server is safe from malicious users.


Command Description Executable By
c/help Sends a list of all commands Users
c/verify Starts the Verification Process Users
c/invite Sends a link to invite CaptchaBot to a server Users
c/premium Sends a link to the Premium Store Users
c/report Report someone for violating the ToS Users
c/redeem Redeem a Premium Key Users
c/checkpremium Check the status of your Premium subscription Users
c/support Sends a link to our Support server Users
c/setup Start the CaptchaBot Setup Process Admins
c/auth Sends you the login credentials for the Web Dashboard Admins
c/enable_logging Enable CaptchaBot Event Logging Admins
c/disable_logging Disable CaptchaBot Event Logging Admins
c/logchannel Set the channel to use for logging Admins
c/scan Start a security scan Admins
c/purge Automatically kick members who have been blaclisted globally Admins
c/setprefix Set a custom prefix Admins

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Submitted: 03/11/2019

Approved: 03/11/2019

Edited: 06/19/2020

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