This is KaoBot. KaoBot isnt your avarage bot... Why you ask? Well this bot provides the most awesome kaomojis out there! But thats not all, it provides a whole list of fun commands that you can play around with, a ton of info commands for all your info needs and of course - utilities! Invite now and get a free cake! (The cake might be a lie...)

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KaoBot is the best bot for your every day kaomoji needs!

This Bot provides a ton of fun kaomojis for your chat and they work almost the same as the build in kaomojis like /shrug! Using the /kaomojis command you will see all of the wonderful emotes the bot offers!

But thats not all!

The bot is also has a lot of other commands! Just do /help or Ping the bot and ask for help! All commands are grouped in categories:

  • Bot - Information about the Bot
  • Fonts - Wacky fonts to make your texts more interesting
  • Fun - Awesome commands to play around either by yourself or with friends
  • Info - Information commands for… well various info like the server itself, roles and users
  • Memes - These commands generae memes for you!
  • Utilities - Mostly commands meant to help you in some way or another

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Submitted: 03/11/2019

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