Limit your custom emotes to only be usable by certain roles.

General Utility


Did you know Discord had the ability to make a custom emoji only available to certain roles? If you didn't, that is because they don't offer an easy way to use that function. Enter, Emoji Restrictor!


Here is what a user of your server may see on the Discord's Emoji Picker:

many emotes

With the power of Emote Restrictor, another user may see this:

not so many emotes

Note that the other user has significantly less emotes? That's what this bot can do.


Commands include add which allows a role to use the mentioned emojis and remove which removes the role from the whitelist again with the added bonus of query to get the roles allowed to use an emote.

Admins and the owner are not except from the restrictions. If you want to keep using the emotes you are restricting, add at least one of your roles to the list of allowed roles.

Command Examples:

  • @EmojiRestrictor#6662 add :awesome_emote: `Admins`
  • @EmojiRestrictor#6662 query :awesome_emote:
  • @EmojiRestrictor#6662 remove :awesome_emote: `Admins`

In-chat-help is available with help and help <command>

Why we need the permissions we ask for

Trusting things can be hard, so here's what we use the permissions for:

  • Read Messages: As this bot has commands, we must be able to read them. You can grant this permission on a channel-per-channel basis tho (if you only need it in a bot commands channel, for example)
  • Send Messages: We also need to answer to these commands. The same thing as above applies.
  • Embed Links: A huge blob of text doesn't look good. That's why we'd like to use nice embeds. The time it takes to write a separate function to deal with it not being allowed isn't worth it so this is required.
  • Manage Emoji: We can't say Discord what roles you'd like to whitelist without this permission. Required for the add and remove commands.
  • Use External Emotes: In the help command for add, remove and query we show examples. In order to have an emote ready even if you don't have any, we have one set up - on our server. We will only ever use this in help.
  • Create Instant Invite: This is mainly here for support reasons. If you have a problem it makes it easier to check it out in person if needed. If you would not like any visits from me this can safely be revoked.

Do not grant this bot any other permissions. It isn't needed and will only increase the attack surface if the bot ever gets compromised. Giving the bot additional permissions anyways may result in the bot refusing to work.

Open Source

This bot is Free Software licensed under AGPL 3 or later. The source code can be found at GitLab.

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Submitted: 03/09/2019

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