ItsLit is a great bot for all your moderation/log needs. Also with very good settings menus!

General Utility Logging

ItsLit Bot. What language am i? NodeJS, using the Discord.JS Library.

What do i do? Well i do multiple things. If you would like to know more, use the command '$help' or '$about'.

What are my commands? You can find all commands including descriptions below


Antilink - Shows the antilink settings of the client

SetLogChannel - Sets the channel for logs.

WelcomeSettings - The settings menu for welcome messages.

<Moderation >

Ban - Bans a user.

Hackban - Bans a user who is not in the server.

Kick - Kicks a user.

Mute - Mutes a user.

Unban - Unbans a user.

Unmute - Unmutes a user.


Eval - Evaluate inputted code (Owner only)

Lockout - Changes the lockout mode. (Only in support server)

Outage - Changes the outage mode/message. (Only in support server)

Reload - Reloads commands (Owner only)

<Utility> About - Get some more information about the bot

Emoji - Shows you the server's custom emotes.

Guildlist - Displays the guilds that ItsLit is in.

Help - Get Help

Hex - Shows a role's hex colour.

ID - Shows you your personal ID

JD - Shows when you joined the server/discord.

Memberinfo - Gives you information on a user.

Ping - Returns the bots ping.

Roleinfo - Shows information about a role.

Roles - Shows you the server's roles.

Severinfo - Shows you information about the server.

SetNick - Changes your nickname in the server.

Soundcloud - Gets information about floof's soundcloud

Stats - The stats of ItsLit

Uptime - Shows how long the bot has been online for.

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