The perfect discord music bot with an extensive dashboard! Feature rich with high quality music from Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud etc.!

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Hydra is a music bot with a easy to use reaction-based menu and a unique way of showing the current song and queue (optional).


You can use this bot in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Use it like any other music bot out there via .play songName/Url here
  2. Use the .setup command and get a unique songrequest channel. You can queue songs in there simply by name or url (no prefix or command needed).

After setup most of the commands only work in the songrequest channel.

Channels (automatically created on .setup)

  • 'hydra-song-requests' --> Channel to use most of my commands in and of course the music search
    Join a VoiceChannel and just search for a Song title in the channel or provide a Link

Emojis Reactions

Emojis for a easy command access
āÆ = Pause/Resume a song
ā¹ = Stop and empty the queue
ā­ = Skip a song
šŸ”„ = Switch through the loop modes
šŸ”€ = Shuffle the queue
ā­ = Add the current song to your favorites
āŒ = Remove the current song from your favorites


Prefix (.prefix newPrefix)

Change the prefix on your Server
Keep in mind that I will replace Whitespace characters and the '@' sign


Hydra is multilingual and you can set your prefered language.
'.language list' to list all available languages.
You can help to translate or request new languages here.


To enable/disable the possibility to load favorites and playlists in the queue you can type '.playlists'
By default they are enabled

DJ roles

To set dj roles you can to type: '.setdj <@role, name or id>' replace this part: <@role, name or id> ā€“ with a actual role mention, name or id


If you find any bugs, need help or want to share feedback and/or feature requests feel free to join the Support Server and have a chat


Most of them only work in the created music channel (if you use the songrequest mode)!
All commands are listed on the website!

Private Playlists

If you favorited a song (Star emoji) it will get saved in your private playlist
To play all your favorites you have to type '.playlist'.


To load a playlist from Spotify or SoundCloud type '.play link'.
If you use the songrequest channel the link without a prefix or command is enough.
It's also possible to instantly shuffle the playlist on load 'URL -a -s'

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