BB-8 is a all in one Bot. It includes economy, music (spotify, soundcloud, youtube, livestreams and more) fun games such as a text based RPG, monopoly and other games, and various other fun commands along with moderation and utility commands as well

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BB-8 can do everything you need for your server.

Mod Commands

Use b!help Mod for your classic bans, mutes, unbans and more

b!modlog (after using modlogset) can be used to set the logging channel for message edits, deletes, members join, left, and more logging

b!serverinfo for info on your server

b!help Warnings will show you info on giving users warnings and allow admins to see warnings per user

b!help Tools for commands such as emoji info and role info and other info types

b!antimentionspam Configuration settings for AntiMentionSpam

b!embed Embed commands

b!autorole Change settings for autorole


b!play (songname or link) plays the song

b!skip skips the current playing song

b!queue shows current queue of songs

b!pause pauses the track

b!stop stops the music

b!disconnect (dc) disconnects the bot from the voice channel

b!help Audio for more audio commands such as shuffle and more settings


b!adventure This will send you on an adventure! Discord Text bases RPG, includes character classes and loot

b!alias Manage command aliases.

b!battleship Start a game of battleship.

b!battleshipset Config options for batteship.

b!battleshipstop Stop the game of battleship in this channel.

b!bigmoji Post a large .png of an emoji

CardsAgainstHumanity: Classic cards against humanity, use b!help CardsAgainstHumanity to see all commands

b!blackjack (bidamount) play blackjack against the bot

b!cleanup Delete messages

b!cleverbot Talk with cleverbot also triggered by mentioning the bot

b!color Gives you info on a color

b!crab Make crab rave videos

b!customcom Custom commands management.

b!deepfry Deepfries images.

b!nuke Demolishes images.


Face: b!face Find and describe the faces in an image.

b!oof reacts with oof on the last message

b!8 Ask 8 ball a question.

Hangman: b!hangman Play hangman with the bot.

Insult: b!insult Insult the user

Invite: b!invite Send personalized invite for the bot.

b!help Leveler, this will show the options for leveling in the server including setting your own profile, rank and levelup backgrounds and other leveling settings for mods/admins

b!minesweeper Starts a game of minesweeper, with allowing you to choose the number of bombs in it.

b!mock Mock a user with the spongebob meme

b!help NotSoBot commands for editing, and making images in discord

b!penis Detects user's penis length

b!race Race related commands.

b!retrigger Allows you to set autoresponses and other triggers based on keywords


b!massrole mass roles users in your server

b!rolebind allows you to setup reaction roles (needs developer mode to grab msgid)

b!roleset allows you to set roles as self addable and self removable

b!myrole Control of personal role

Credits to Red Discord Bot for their Help

Check out b!help for even more commands

Contact kennnyshiwa#1337 for support or check out the support server above

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Submitted: 05/23/2019

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Edited: 04/01/2020

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