SaltBot is a multi-purpose bot mainly focused on fun commands like creating memes, fighting to the death, bottle flipping, NSFW and more!

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SaltBot is a multi-purpose bot mainly focused on fun commands like meme-image processing, fights to the death, fidget spinning, bottle flipping and more! We also got NSFW stuff.


<required> [optional]

Fun 🎪

-anime Get a list of 40+ NSFW/hentai commands

-fight <user> [user] Fight with someone, last one alive wins!

fight command

-spinnerduel <user> Challenge someone to an epic fidget spinner battle in real-time!


-spinner [color] Spin your own fidget spinner. Why does everything have to be a battle?

-bottleflip Try to hit an epic bottle flip. Yup.


-opinion [question] Ask the bot a yes/no question, maybe he got some good insights?

-heal <user> I need healing!

-fact Get an (hopefully) interesting fact about Salt.

Image editing 🖼

-natsuki <goodimg> <badimg> Natsuki approves


-dangofy <img> Make your own tasty dango!


-plottwist <img> Top 10 anime plottwists

-death <img> Top 10 anime deaths

-powerful <img> Damn, that thing is powerful!

-betrayal <img> Top 10 anime betrayals

-gone <text> 🦀 SOMETHING IS GONE 🦀

Utility 🔨

-avatar [user] Get someones avatar

-invite Gets an invite link to invite SaltBot to a server

-joindate [user] Gets the date when you (or someone else) joined discord

-uptime Shows time since the last restart

-stats Shows bot statistics

-coinflip Flips a coin

-help Shows… help

Reactions 👍

-hot Ahh. That’s hot, that’s hot.

-sad This is so sad.

-kanye When something is very cool!

-reverse Sends a reverse card with a random color.

-victory Achieves that W!

-salt Gives you information about salt

-no <anime/kpop/hentai/fortnite> Forbid something

Anime 👀


smug, cuddle, slap, pat, gecg, holo, poke, feed, fox, baka, kemonomimi, hug, kiss, tickle


solog, feet, smallboobs, lewdkemo, solo, cum, les, erokemo, bj, pwankg, ero, hololewd, tits, nekog, eroyuri, holoero, pussy, random, yuri, keta, hentai, feetg, eron, erok, nsfw_avatar, erofeet, wallpaper, blowjob, spank, kuni, classic, femdom, boobs, trap, lewd, anal, futanari, ngif, lewdk

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Submitted: 04/08/2020

Approved: 06/10/2020

Edited: 07/28/2021

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