Build Bot delivers Discord Canary update notifications to a channel in your server

General Utility


Once you invite the bot, you can configure it using the !config command.

To configure the channel where updates are sent, copy the id of the channel then run !config <canary/ptb/stable> channel <channel id>. The bot will ensure it has the necessary permissions and set the channel.

To configure the role which the bot will ping, make sure the bot has manage roles permissions and a higher role than the one you wish to configure and run !config <canary/ptb/stable> role <role id>.

Note: You will need to set up another bot to give this role to users or give it manually.


!help: Displays a help embed.

!ping: Pings the bot to see if it's alive.

!config: Displays the current guild configuration. Requires Manage Server.

!config <canary/ptb/stable> channel <channel mention>: Sets the channel that the bot will send updates to.

!config <canary/ptb/stable> role <role id>: Sets the role the bot will ping when there are updates.

!canary: Shows the latest Canary build.

!ptb: Shows the latest PTB build.

!stable: Shows the latest Stable build.

!host <canary/ptb/stable>: Shows the latest host version for the specified release channel.

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