The highly customizable Discord bot.

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3PG - The highly customizable Discord bot

… now with over 41 customizable commands! Type /help to get started …

Level up your server with Music Commands, Twitch Alerts, Staff Logs Ban Panel, Live Leaderboards, EXP Levels, Auto-moderation, Ruleboxes… and much more!

Your Customizable Dashboard: Webapp link

⚙ Modular Dashboard

Customize your own easy to use dashboard to meet your specific needs.


🎵 High Quality Music

Search YouTube for music to play, with lots of music commands on Discord!


✨ Levels and XP

Level up your Discord server, with 3PG's XP system! Customize your own global XP Card, with millions of unique combinations.

XP Cards

⏺ Live Leaderboards

Compete against other servers or all players for the highest spot in your server or in all servers!


🔨 Ban Panel

View a log of all punishments on your server. See every ban, kick, mute, warn and more!

Ban Panel

🤖 More to come

That's not all! Suggest features at -> Support and help 3PG become the best bot it can be

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