This is an auto channel creation bot for Discord! Is your Discord server chalk-full of channels, or are you struggling with constantly having to create and delete channels based on how often your users are online? That's where we come in! This bot will automatically create a new channel based on your category permissions. It starts with one channel, then as users fill up the first one, a second will be created. And channels will keep creating as long as your users keep joining!

General Utility


Initialize an Auto Created Voice Channel

In order for the channels to automatically create, they need to be tied to a specific category, and you can only have one auto channel within that category. Note: you must be a server administrator in order to use this command.

  1. /init
    • Initializes a new Auto Voice Channel. The Channel Name field and category_id fields are required. If you do not know how to get your category id, please see this article. You can only have one auto channel per category, and a category is required in order to use an auto voice channel.
    • Usage:
      • /init "Channel Name" category_id channel_limit
    • Example:
      • /init "My Voice Channel" 535488577296138243 3

Allow Users to Create their own Custom Voice Channels

You can allow your server members to create their own custom voice channels that are single use and clean up after itself. You simply need to start by adding the temporary category to allow them to start using it. Use the /addtemp command to initialize the temporary category. Then, each of your users can use the /voice command to start creating their own personalized voice channel for single use!

  1. /addtemp
    • Initializes a Temporary Channel category within your Discord. It creates the new category called 'Temporary Channel List' with a new text channel called 'create-new-channel'. You can rename the category as well as the text channel name, and can change the permissions of the automatically created channel if you wish. However, if you delete the category or text channel, the /voice command will stop working.
    • Usage:
      • /addtemp
    • Example:
      • /addtemp
  2. /voice
    • Creates a new Temporary Channel under the Temporary Channel List category. The Channel Name and user_limit fields are optional. If a user does not join the temporary channel within two minutes, the created Temporary Channel will be deleted automatically. The channel will automatically delete after all users have left that channel.
    • Usage
      • /voice "Channel Name" user_limit
    • Example:
      • /voice "My Temporary Channel" 3
  3. /editvoice
    • Edits the users' Temporary Channel. Only the creating user can use this command on their channels. The edit_type can either be 'name' or 'limit'. The value is what the edit type will be changed to.
    • Usage:
      • /editvoice [edit_type] [value]
    • Example:
      • /editvoice name "Woj is Awesome"
      • /editvoice limit 14

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