A Voice command Bot that auto joins your channels and allow control through voice!

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Alfred is a bot built for fun and brings you voice commands to use while in a voice channel! Alfred has many voice commands like playing songs, moving members, muting and more! Visit the website to see how you can get your own server specific settings and commands! Bugs and issues are encouraged to be explained over on our Discord support server. If you want to see Alfred in action prior to adding him, head over there and check him out!!

We also have a web dashboard where you can customize many of Alfred's settings, even make custom voice commands. Just visit your dashboard at to get started!


  • Play – for songs. Example: Alfred play Gods Plan by Drake.
  • Move – Move a member in the channel to a channel name. Example: Alfred move Billy to Timeout
  • Move Me – Move yourself to a channel name. Example: Alfred move me to Admins Only
  • Move Everyone – Move everyone! Example: Alfred move everyone to Blackout
  • Mute – Mute that obnoxious dude who just joined. Example: Alfred mute Billy
  • Kick (Can also set channel limit. Example: Kick "name" and set max to 4)
  • Say – Mimics you in his special voice! Example: Alfred say "I am the greatest bot ever!"
  • Leave/Scram/Dueces/Get outta here – make him leave the channel. Example: Alfred scram!!
  • Cancel – in case of a mishap or awoken accidentally, just say cancel to set him back to listening mode.
  • Who, what, why, when and how question and answer – Example: Alfred what is the square root of 1 million?
  • Let me see/Show me – Shows you an image of your request! Example: Alfred show me a pencil.
  • Would You Rather – Ask Alfred this and he will give you two options to choose from! Example: Alfred give me a choice.
  • Audible Announcements-- Have Alfred audibly announce who leaves, joins and even mutes while in your voice channel.

Voice Commands During Song Playback

  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Skip
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Add-This is used to add a song to queue during playback. You must start the sentence with it. Example: Alfred, add God's Plan by Drake.
  • Clear Queue-This clears the queue in case it somehow is messed up
  • Join the official server for more info!



  • Help
  • Info
  • Ping
  • Autojoin – To change if Alfred joins and leaves channels based on activity
  • Setchannels – Configures the channels Alfred uses for various thing like errors, image responses, and welcome/leave
  • Announcements – Sets if you would like him to audibly announce joining, leaving, muting etc while in channel.


  • Avatar
  • Channel
  • Discriminator
  • Emoji-name
  • Emoji-list
  • Emoji
  • First-message
  • Id
  • Message
  • Role
  • Server
  • User


  • leave
  • summon


Music system by text command. You can do !play, and everything else below can be controlled via reactions below the song!

  • play


  • prune

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