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Command Prefix is currently set to % by default. To change a server prefix, look at %setprefix.
In order to check the prefix of your server, type %checkprefix.

In order to pull a photo of an idol, you can type an idol's stage name, full name, alias, their group name, or group alias name after the prefix.
examples: %irene %blackpink %red velvet. You may also put an idol's stage name, full name, or alias after a group such as %red velvet irene. You can use this with many idols to get a random one. %red velvet irene joy seulgi This way, you will pull any of the idols as long as they are in that group.
To find out more, look at the GroupMembers category.

ā™„ - Requires Bot Owner
ā˜… - Requires Guild Permissions
šŸ˜‡ - Requires Bot Moderator
ā™„ā™„ā™„ ā€“ Entire Section Requires Bot Owner
ā˜…ā˜…ā˜… - Entire Section Requires Guild Permissions
šŸ˜‡šŸ˜‡šŸ˜‡ - Entire Section Requires Bot Moderator


VIEW THE FULL LIST OF GROUPS/IDOLS HERE (Note that you can scroll horizontally.)



Command Description Format Aliases
join Joins a voice channel %join
move Makes a song the next song to play without skipping the current song. %move (song number) skipto
pause Pauses currently playing song %pause
play Plays audio to a voice channel. %play (title/url)
queue Shows Current Queue %queue (page number) list, q
remove Remove a song from the queue. %remove (song number)
resume Resumes a paused song %resume unpause
shuffle Shuffles the playlist. %shuffle
skip Skips the current song. %skip
stop Disconnects from voice channel and resets queue. %stop leave
volume Changes the player's volume - Songs default to 10. %volume (1-100)
lyrics Grab the lyrics of a song %lyrics (song)


Command Description Format Aliases
aliases Lists the aliases of idols that have one. %aliases
count Shows howmany times an idol has been called. %count (name)
countleaderboard Shows leaderboards for how many times an idol has been called. %clb highestcount, cb, clb
countgroup Shows how many images of a certain group there are. %countgroup (group)
countmember Shows how many images of a certain member there are. %countmember (member/all)
fullnames Lists the full names of idols the bot has photos of %fullnames (page number) fullname
groups Lists the groups of idols the bot has photos of %groups
members Lists the names of idols the bot has photos of %members (page number) member
randomidol Sends a photo of a random idol. %% %
sendimages All idol photo commands from the server will post idol photos in a specific text channel. To undo, type it again. %sendimages #text-channel ā˜…
stopimages Stops Irene from posting/recognizing idol photos in a specific text channel. To undo, type it again. %stopimages #text-channel ā˜…

Archive: ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…

Command Description Format
addchannel REQUIRES BOT OWNER PRESENCE TO ADD ā€“ Make the current channel start archiving images to google drive %addchannel (drive_folder_id) (name)
addhistory Add all of the previous images from a text channel to google drive. %addhistory (year) (month) (day)
deletechannel Stop the current channel from being archived %deletechannel
listchannels List the channels in your server that are being archived. %listchannels


Command Description Format Aliases
blackjack Start a game of BlackJack %blackjack (amount) bj
endgame End your current game %endgame eg
hit Pick A Card %hit
joingame Join a game %joingame (gameid) (bid) jg
rules View the rules of BlackJack. %rules
stand Keep Your Cards %stand


Command Description Format Aliases
balance View balance of yourself or a user %balance (@user) b,bal,$
beg Beg a homeless man for money %beg
bet Bet your money %bet (amount)
daily Gives 100 Dollars Every 24 Hours %daily


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