A bot allowing you to build and customize weapons using a variety of materials.

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Smithy lets you take materials you find, and build a sword or any other weapon out of them. These materials can be arranged in any way you want. Want a solid gold sword with a ruby encrusted on its pommel that you made using your sapphire anvil? You can do that! Want a longbow made entirely out of steel? You can do that too! You can make plenty of things with this bot. The only limit is your imagination!

Type /register <name> to get started.

You can use /scavenge materials every 1.5 minutes to obtain various materials such as iron ingots, rocks, and sapphires. Once you have these materials, you can use /addmaterial <part> <material>. For example, if you had a rock in your inventory and were using a template that had a blade, you could do /addmaterial blade rock to use that rock as the blade of your item. Not all materials can be used for every item. Experiment to see what works and what doesn't.

Once you've chosen a material for every part in your current template (the parts can be viewed with /templateinfo and the parts you've added can be viewed with /viewworkstation), you can do /craft to finish up your item. You can view all the finished items you've made with /item. These are the basic steps to crafting your first item. From there you can research other templates of items using /research, sell your items for valuable doubloons with /sellitem, or just show off your creation to your friends! Enjoy!

More help can be found by using /help or checking the help document. You can also contact me on Discord and I'll try to answer any questions you have. I am Brokemia#6625.

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