An all-purpose bot with a continuously growing set of features.

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This bot is currently in development, so it is getting new features every week. If you have any bug reports, please join the support server. I created this bot because I see so many servers with six or more bots, which makes things complicated and cumbersome for the end-user.

Currently, the bot has these Commands.


Command Description Usage
addmod Add a bot moderator or group of moderators. ?addmod [user or role]
addrole Add a new role, with optional color and hoist. ?addrole [name] [hex color] [hoist]
announce Send an announcement using the bot. ?announce [channel] [message]
announce everyone Send an announcement with @everyone. ?announce everyone [channel] [message]
announce here Send an announcement with @here. ?announce here [channel] [message]
announce role Send an announcement with a role mention. ?announce role [role] [channel] [message]
ignorerole Toggles command usage for a role. (Does not affect mods and managers) ?ignorerole [role]
delrole Delete a role ?delrole [role name]
delmod Remove a bot moderator ?delmod [user or role]
modules List available modules ?modules
ignorechannel Toggles command usage for a channel. (Does not affect mods and managers) ?ignorechannel [channel]
prefix Set prefix for server ?prefix [prefix]
mentionable Toggle making a role mentionable on/off ?mentionable [role name]
rolecolor Change the color of a role. ?rolecolor [role name] [hex color]
setnick Change the nickname of a user. ?setnick [user] [new nickname]
nick Change the bot nickname. ?nickname [new nickname]
role Add/remove a user to a role or roles. ?role [user] [role name]
role add Add a user to a role or roles. ?role add [user] [role]
role remove Remove a user from a role or roles. ?role remove [user] [role]
role toggle Toggle a user from a role or roles. ?role toggle [user] [role]
role removeall Remove all roles from a user ?role removall [user]
role all Add/remove all users to or from a role. (Limit 1 role) ?role all [role]
role bots Add/remove all bots to or from a role. ?role bots [role]
role humans Add/remove all humans to or from a role. ?role humans [role]
role in Add/remove users to or from a role that are in a role. (Limit 1 role) ?role in [in role], [role]
module Enable/disable a module ?module [module name]
rolename Change the name of a role. ?rolename [role name], [new name]
clearwarn Clear warnings a user ?clearwarn [user]
ignoreuser Toggles command usage for a user. ?ignoreuser [user] [reason]
listmods List moderators ?listmods
purge Delete a number of messages from a channel. (limit 1000) ?purge [number] (user)
purge user Delete messages for a user in the channel. ?purge [number] [user or id]
purge match Delete messages containing text. (Limit 100) ?purge match [text] [number]
purge not Delete messages not containing text. (Limit 100) ?purge not [text] [number]
purge startswith Delete messages that start with text. (Limit 100) ?purge startswith [text] [number]
purge endswith Delete messages that ends with text. (Limit 100) ?purge endswith [text] [number]
purge links Delete a number links posted in the channel. (Limit 100) ?purge links [number]
purge invites Delete server invites posted in the channel. (Limit 100) ?purge invites [number]
purge images Delete a number of images in the channel. (Limit 100) ?purge images [number]
purge mentions Delete messages with mentions in the channel. (Limit 100) ?purge mentions [number]
purge embeds Delete messages containing rich embeds in the channel. ?purge embeds [number]
purge bots Delete messages sent by bots. ?purge bots [number]
purge text Delete messages containing text, ignoring images/embeds. ?purge text [number]
command Enable/disable a command ?command [command name]


Command Description Usage
clean Cleanup the bot responses. ?clean (optional number)
kick Kick a member ?kick [user] [reason]
ban Ban a member, optional time limit ?ban [user] [limit] [reason]
mute Mute a member so they cannot type or speak, time limit in minutes. ?mute [user] [limit] [reason]
moderations Get a list of active moderations (timed) and remaining time. ?moderations
undeafen Undeafen a member ?undeafen [user]
members List members in a role (max 90) ?members [role]
unmute Unmute a member ?unmute [user] (optional reason)
softban Softban a member (ban and immediate unban to delete user messages) ?softban [user] [reason]
warn Warn a member ?warn [user] [reason]
deafen Deafen a member ?deafen [user]
lock Lock a channel with optional timer and message. ?lock [channel] (time) (message)
unlock Unlock a previously locked channel. ?unlock [channel] (message)
unban Unban a member ?unban [user or id] [optional reason]


Command Description Usage
tag Get or create a tag ?tag [tag name]
tag create Create a new tag. ?tag create [tag name] [content]
tag edit Edit an existing tag. ?tag edit [tag name] [content]
tag delete Delete an existing tag. ?tag delete [tag name]
tags Get a list of tags, use the tag command to fetch a tag. ?tags (optional search)


Command Description Usage
help Get list of bot commands ?help
info Get bot info. ?info
uptime Get bot uptime ?uptime
ping Get bot latency ?ping

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