A high quality configurable LaTeX rendering bot with heaps of utilities and a strong suite of moderation commands, designed to enhance mathematical and scientific discussion on Discord.

General Utility


My main purpose in life is to render high quality LaTeX for you! I also have heaps of utility commands, both mathematical and otherwise.



  • Fast local compiling with very high quality and anti-aliasing!
  • Automatic LaTeX recognition for messages.
  • Custom preambles, for including custom packages and new commands!
  • Error correction, will display partial output if there is an error!
  • Reaction buttons to delete output/ show source and any errors/ delete source.
  • Extremely configurable, from colourscheme to whether the source is autodeleted!


Some of the available utilities:

  • Wolfram Alpha integration
  • Search the ncatlab
  • A basic calculator
  • Display the current time for yourself or another user
  • Get notified when messages mention you or match other criteria
  • A complete collection of info commands (serverinfo, roleinfo, userinfo, rolemembers)
  • Selfroles, autoroles, role editing by command and mass role modification
  • Starboard with custom emoji
  • Detailed user join and leave logging, separate from the optional join/leave messages
  • Customisable user update event log for avatar/username/nickname etc changes
  • Nickname and username tracking in the userinfo command
  • A complete suite of strong multi-user moderation tools, with a moderation log and interactive reason requests.
  • And lots more!

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Submitted: 01/20/2019

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