Bot with quite few moderation, utility, fun, rng commands. Features an usage of external APIs and has it's own database for configuration.

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zneixbot - cool information-fetcher bot with slight moderation features included and few fun commands (made by IT nerd with ❤️).

That bot helps me in moderating servers and fetches useful informations for other users.

Short description of some commands

  • make-your-life-easier
    • avatar - links yours or someone's avatar
    • color - color info utility in 3 different formats (hex, rgb, numeric) plus random one
    • currency - converts and calculates one currency into another (25+ common currencies)
    • dns - translates given DNS hostname
    • emote - helps with adding new custom emotes
    • math - evaluates your mathematic expressions
    • user - displays information about guild member / user outside current server
    • server - displays various information about current server
    • servericon - links a server icon in png format
    • snowflake - converts Discord Snowflake in a date object
    • temperature - converts Celcius to Farenheit and vice-versa
  • moderation
    • addemote - Adds new emote to the current server (supports both emotes from nitro users and image URLs)
    • ban - bans a user (via ID or @mention)
    • isbanned - Checks if given ID is banned in current server
    • unban - unbans previously banned user (via ID)
    • kick - kicks a guild member (via ID or @mention)
    • purge - deletes up to 100 messages at once
    • region - change server region to every possible one
  • fun commands
    • % - rolls a random percentage between 0 and 100%
    • 8ball - asks 8ball a magic question
    • coinflip - heads or tails? (yes or no, random choice)
    • lenny - prints a lennyface
    • rng - picks random integer between two provided numbers
    • scramble - random scramble generator for Rubik's Cube solvers (aka Speedcubers)
    • squish - processes a given emote / image URL / avatar and returns squished version of it
    • wednesday - is it wednesday, my dude?
  • bot-related commands
    • about - displays general information about the bot
    • feedback - sends a feedback message to bot developer
    • invite - invite zneixbot to your server today!
Note: There are some aliases for several commands, use help command for more information.

(New!) Dynamic server config via config command

That new feature includes:

  • changeable prefix
  • setting up plain, embed-based logging system
  • 100% configurable self-assign role system

Used libraries:

*striked libs will be used soon™

Planned to do in near future:

  • Music Module
  • Random Image lookup command
  • auto-role thing for moderation, edit: partly done!
  • Steam API communication
  • warning, feedback, support system via commands

Awesome people who helped a lot:
  • EinLiftedSoul#4461 (coder, co-owner)
  • Heryin#0695 (debugger, feedback provider, adviser)
  • Shooterism#3767 ('personal stackoverflow')
  • meszerbi#0022 (code adviser, VPS provider)
  • Alexou !#0238 (adviser)
  • Asheki#3972 (adviser)

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Prefix: zb (configurable)

Submitted: 12/27/2019

Approved: 12/27/2019

Edited: 12/27/2019

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