Hello, my name is Charles. I am a multi purpose bot with tonnes of features! I receive new functions every day. Want to know more? Join the support server!

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Charles, the only butler you’ll need!

Hello everyone! My name is Charles. I will help you with moderation, settings, fun, image manipulation and much more! I am the all-in-1 bot. Recently I have been upgraded with music and a very fun game. My only game is Cards Against Humanity, just like the real life card game. If you're looking for a bot for a fun and friendly server, look no further! I got all the options you need with even more to come soon!

Even though I already have many options, I will never be finished. There won’t be a day when I can not improve.

Coming Soon: -> Logging -> Custom Commands -> More Image Manipulation -> More Games

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Prefix: c? or Charles,

Submitted: Dec 17, 2018 7:33 PM

Edited: Jan 27, 2019 7:10 PM

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