Record Short Audio Clips and create your own Soundboard

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Record own Audio Clips and create a Soundboard!

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Recording Usage

[] = Optional
<> = needed

$recordme [time] | The bot will join your voice channel and will record you for [time] seconds, if not provided, he will record you for 5 seconds (maximum).
$deleteaudio <name> | Will delete a audio clip you own by its name.
$play <file> | The bot will join your voice channel and play a earlier recorded audio clip.
$listaudios <"mine" | "guild" | "all"> | Sends a message listing every accessible audio clip filtered by the parameter.

There are some more commands, see them with $help and go trough them.

Recorded Audio

By using the $recordme command you agree to store the audio file on my server, I can not guarantee that there will never be a security breach but I will do my best to prevent them. Just to make sure, do never record private information.

If you don't want the audio to be stored on my file system, use mode zero ('only send'). By choosing it, the bot will send you the file, and then immediately delete it from his file system and the database.

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