A multipurpose bot with a combination of features including; NationStates, Wordclouds, Entertainment and translation. Easy to use with a helpful support server and very active bot owner.

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The Story


A bot originally designed for raid protection, but then I got sidetracked after realising how hard it is to code in raid protection, and made it a general purpose bot. The bot in question is full of commands that you have seen before, just maybe not grouped together, such as translation and ASCII conversion (more on the commands later)

Do you have a cool idea for a command you have always wanted? Simply add the bot and use the suggest function to suggest a command, and it will be added very quickly!


This bot has several commands dedicated to integrating with a online simulation game called "NationStates" including one that gives general information about your nation or region. And also one that displays the overall description for you nation (the one found on the main page). If you want information that isn't in a command, then there is a shard system! Allowing you to view one piece of dedicated information taken straight from the servers.

Online Almost 24/7

Other Commands:

  • DM'ing
  • Wordclouds!
  • Auto-Translation into any language (by google)
  • Interserver commuication (rift)
  • ASCII & Zalgo conversion
  • Server Info
  • Youtuber sub count comparison and lookup
  • Find out how cool you are with the unique (and advanced) coolmeter function
  • & More

Did you know? The Most popular command is: Wordcloud, which allows you to create an image containing the most common words in a channel.

Commands Coming Soon: Commands Already added
Invite link tracking Code overhaul
multi server ban system youtuber lookup
Quote anyone! 24/7 Radio System
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Submitted: Apr 16, 2019 8:17 AM

Edited: Jun 5, 2019 1:50 PM