Lofi Radio gives you lofi beats 24/7 with many different stations to pick from.

General Music Livestreams

Lofi Radio gives you the ability to listen to various different lofi radio stations, we have a huge list you can pick from for you to enjoy.


Command Outcome
+play station_name The bot will join the voice channel you're in and will play the station you chose
+stop The bot will leave the voice channel
+radios List's all the lofi stations we have available for you to listen to
+help Lists all the commands there is to the bot

Here is a list of our current stations that are available to listen too:

  • ChilledCow
  • Chillhop Music
  • Mellowbeat Seeker
  • the bootleg boy
  • UMZ
  • InYourChill
  • the bootleg boy 2
We plan on adding more and more stations in the future, as well as a request feature so you can request for your favorite station to be added.
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