Open loot boxes, collect items and battle your friends! Compete against other users in any server and take over the leaderboard!

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Type t-help to get a full list of commands. Use t-help <command> to get information on a command.

Commands you’ll find useful:

  • inv - View your items, health, money, and currently equipped backpack.
  • profile - View various statistic about yourself or another player.
  • use - Uses an item on yourself or attacks another player with said item.
  • items - View a full list of items. Specify an item to see specific information about it.
  • buy - Purchase items, you can also specify an amount to purchase.
  • sell - Sell your items for Lootcoin, also works with an amount.
  • leaderboard - View the best players in your server or globally.
  • mysettings - View your current settings such as notifications, and how to change them.

Attack System

Attack your friends and enemies with various items and weapons hidden in Lootcord's item boxes. Using the t-use command you can use any of your weapons to attack other active players. If you successfully kill someone you receive their money and random items from their inventory. You can either specify someone to attack or attack a random active player. Note: server moderators can force all attacks to be random.


Lootcord features all kinds of ways to spend money and try to win more back including blackjack, slots, coinflip, trivia, roulette, and scramble! Start a server jackpot that anyone can enter. The more money you put in, the higher your chances of winning it all! Have more than 5 active players in your server? Call in airdrops with the setdropchannel command and wait for care_package’s to arrive.


Money is powerful in Lootcord. You can buy shields to protect you and item boxes to grow your arsenal. You can also list any item on the black market for other players to purchase across the bot.


Gather your friends and allies to create a Clan. Creating a Clan allows you and your group to store weapons and money inside a Clan vault.

  1. Create Clan with others
  2. Store money and weapons to earn interest
  3. Raid vulnerable clans
  4. ???
  5. profit

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