Synchronises roles and tags of members between Discord and Enjin with configurable automation, freeing up admin time

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Register your guild and manage the bot on the website

The bot is mostly managed through the website, but there are some commands. These are listed on the website, and can also be listed by the !help command

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You decide which roles and tags should be linked with one another. Members can link their own accounts, or you can link them on their behalf. These links are called associations


You decide how associations should be synchronised, ranging from fully automatic to manual conflict resolution


When changes occur in Discord, Enjin can be instantly synchronised accordingly


Changes in Enjin can be detected and synchronised with Discord on a regular interval. In other words, every 5 minutes, Enjin tags and users will be evaluated, and synchronised if appropriate. Therefore, unlike Discord, this is not instant, due to limitations of the Enjin API. It is also not possible to determine when a change in Enjin has taken place. Thus, if you wish to automatically synchronise from Enjin, there is a chance that, if, for whatever reason, a change between intervals in Discord fails to synchronise with Enjin, that change will be reverted at the next interval


There are a range of admin actions that can be conducted in Disjin, such as linking roles and tags, and reading the Log. The ability to conduct these actions is controlled by the permissions system. It allows for granular control over who can do what to whom. Instead of introducing an additional layer of complexity alongside your existing permission hierarchies, it instead integrates smoothly into them, allowing you to specify permissions for them

Activity Log

You can setup rules such that when certain events happen in Discord, a message will be sent to a channel. This could include events such as when a member joins a voice channel or changes their nickname. Admins also have the option of customising each message using a basic template language


The Log includes every admin action in Disjin, as well as every entry in the Discord Audit Log that was available to the bot. It can be filtered on the same entities as the Discord Audit Log, but with the ability to filter on multiple agents and types. While entries are only stored in the Discord Audit Log for 90 days, entries in the Disjin Log are stored forever

Channel Mention

Voice channels can optionally be mentionable. If enabled, the bot creates a role for each channel and adds and removes members as they join and leave channels. You can set specific channels as unmentionable

Region Switch

You can allow members to run a !switch-region command. This is helpful when members notice voice quality issues, reducing the workload and dependence upon admins. When run, the bot changes the server region to one of multiple regions you have specified in settings. In order to prevent abuse, the command is rate limited. You can specify which roles have permission to run the command, and which other roles are banned from running it


Enjin is a guild hosting website which many Discord communities use for administrative and organisational purposes

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