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The tipbot for Atheios (ATH) - a cryptocurrency for gaming. Atheios is traded on several crypto exchanges. More info on Atheios can be found on The bot also provides crypto related information


Command prefix: !ath

Submitted: Dec 26, 2018 4:09 AM

Edited: Jan 6, 2019 11:51 AM

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Atheios (ATH) bot This bot provides services around ATH, like tipping or general information

     Tipping functionality
  Transaction fees: 0.01 ATH
  Fundraising fee: 1 ATH
  Fundraising fee goes to the following address: [Fund](
  If You tip 2 ATH, 1 ATH will be sent to the user and 1 ATH will be sent to the community wallet

     Tipping commands
  !ath stats : Display tip stats
  !ath balance : get your balance
  !ath deposit : get address for your deposits<-- works
  !ath withdraw <ADDRESS> <AMOUNT> : withdraw coins to specified address
  !ath <@USER> <AMOUNT> :mention a user with @ and then the amount to tip them
  !ath rain <AMOUNT> <NROFUSER> : Total <amount> to rain a tip on <nrofusers>: Total amount will be product of <amount> * <nrofusers>
  !ath private <@USER> <AMOUNT> : put private before Mentioning a user to tip them privately.

     Other functionality
  !ath : Displays This Message
  !ath quote:    Latest quote for ath in exchanges
  !ath market:    Latest market data from CMC
  !ath news:    Latest news data from Crypto Panic
  !ath version : Display version of this module