The Automatic Global Banning System needed to protect your guild!

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What even is GlobalBanz?

Protect your server with GlobalBanz! GlobalBanz automatically bans people upon them joining your guild and sends them a DM with information regarding their ban. GlobalBanz only bans people that are known and have been reported for advertising, spamming, raiding, impersonating, doxxing and people that really don't deserve a Discord Account.


Command Required Client Permissions Usage
gb!help Shows you these commands but in a nice reaction navigated menu.
gb!about Tells you information regarding the bot itself.
gb!serverinfo Tells you information regarding your guild.
gb!prefix ✔️ Allows anyone with the 'MANAGE_GUILD' permission to change the bot's prefix.
gb!ping Gives you a nice ms ping response to make sure the bot is still alive.
gb!invite Sends the invitation link for GlobalBanz.
gb!banned [user id/none] Allows you to check if the user is on the Global Ban list.
gb!check ✔️ Allows anyone with the 'BAN_MEMBERS' permission to check existing Guild Members for their GlobalBan Status
gb!mode [ban/warn] (ban is default) ✔️ Allows anyone with the 'MANAGE_GUILD' permission to switch modes of GlobalBanz
gb!loggingchannel [#channel] ✔️ Allows anyone with the 'MANAGE_GUILD' permission to set the logging channel where notifications from GlobalBanz will be sent.

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Jack Hansen#9482

Used in 9,642 servers

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Prefix: gb! (Can be customised)

Submitted: Jul 19, 2018 11:18 AM

Edited: Aug 24, 2019 6:30 AM

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