This bot is made to make your server active, more enjoyable and fun for everyone. With lots of features and commands.

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This bot is made to make your server active, more enjoyable and fun for everyone. With lots of features and commands.


    • Custom Responses
      • The bot allows you to create custom triggers to which the bot will reply automatically.
    • Mini-Games
      • This bot has a few mini-games that come with it, like rock-paper-scissors, would you rather, never have I ever and more. We plan to add more mini-games like these in the future.
    • Chat Revivals
      • This feature allows anyone to attempt to revive any dead chats with the use of one command.
    • Fake Message Generators
      • The bot allows you to play tricks on other users with the help of these fake message generators.
    • Lots Of Other Fun Commands
      • This bot has lots of commands for you to play around with.
    • Interactions
      • This feature allows you to interact with other users thru Discord by using only one command.
    • Custom Profiles
      • The bot has a profile system which allows you to create your own profile and show your statistics.
    • Reputation Points
      • You can now give good/bad reputation points to other users. Those will be displayed on their profiles.
    • Death Battles
      • This bot has a whole dueling system that comes with it. You can buy weapons and other perks, as well as choose your acts in battle. This is also a way to get more coins for the currency system.

    • Message Based Currency System
      • The bot has a currency system that mainly works with message activity. You can set your own currency channels that people have to talk in to be able to convert their messages into coins.
    • Shop
      • This is a feature that adds a shop to the currency system where you can buy perks and badges which will be displayed on your profile to show others how cool and awesome you are.
    • Jobs
      • The bot allows you to work in order to get more coins. The amount of coins you get each time you work depends on which perks you have bought.
    • Marriages
      • This bot has a marriages system that allows you to marry other users on Discord. It is an addition to the currency system.
    • Perks
      • With this feature you are able to buy coin perks, battle perks and badges from the shop using the virtual money for the bot known as coins.
    • Badges
      • These badges that you can buy from the shop add a whole new level to your profile and make you look way cooler.
    • Slots & Gambling
      • The bot also has a slot machine and a gambling feature that you can gamble your coins with.

    • Custom Permissions System
      • With this feature you can set your own roles in order to make your own, custom permissions system.
    • Support Team
      • The bot has a support team that will help you with any issues you have with the bot.
    • Auto Restart
      • The bot automatically restarts once a day in order to get rid of unnecessary data. The bot becomes faster each time it restarts.
    • Ping Fixer
      • This feature automatically fixes the bot's ping if it gets too high.
    • Suggestion System
      • The bot allows you to send us suggestions and ideas that can improve the bot.
    • Ignored Roles & Channels
      • This feature allows you to ignore roles and channels that you don't want to trigger the automatic responses and currency systems.

Prefix: xp!

Use xp!help to see a list of commands.

You can report servers and users who aren't following the TOS and rules with xp!ureport and xp!sreport.

To see the bot's TOS and rules use xp!tos.

For more information contact the support team or use the xp!info command.

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Support server:

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Submitted: 12/07/2018

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