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The best entertainment and social bot. Keeps your server alive. makes it fun and more enjoyable for all your members.


Command prefix: xf!

Submitted: Dec 7, 2018 9:13 AM

Edited: Dec 7, 2018 9:13 AM

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✘ Fun is a bot made for fun and entertainment. It's main purpose is to keep your server alive and make it more enjoyable for others.

  • Support Team
    • The bot has its own support team that will help you with any issues you have with the bot.
  • Interaction Commands
    • Commands that allow you to interact with other users thru the bot.
  • Death Battles
    • Allows you to battle to death with other users. Uses randomized systems.
  • Fun Mini-Games
    • Allows you to play a few fun mini-games like 'Would you rather', 'Never have I ever' and more.
  • Chat Revive
    • Conversations can end pretty quickly, especially if the people in it don't have anything interesting to say. That's why the bot will try to keep the chat alive by telling some interesting, funny and sometimes random conversation starters.
  • Currency System
    • The bot has a currency system based on chat activity. It has a gambling command as well.
  • Marriages
    • You can use the money from the currency system to marry someone you love.
  • Suggestion System
    • Allows you to send suggestions and ideas to help us improve the bot and make it even more entertaining.
  • Ignored Channels
    • Allows server managers to ignore channels so users can't spam and get lots of money. Ignored channels also ignore the bot's response triggers.
  • Toggles
    • This feature allows server managers to toggle some of the features like the currency system and responses.
  • Responses
    • The bot will sometimes reply to someone if they say a specific word in chat.

Prefix: xf!

Use xf!help to see a list of commands.

To see the bot's TOS and rules use xf!tos.

For more information contact the support team or use the xf!info command.

[Part Of The X Bots]

Community server: https://discord.gg/yr7WHYB

Support server: https://discord.gg/geVrByH