A overall multipurpose bot that has a ton of commands. More commands will be added.

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Parrot, the versatile bot

The bot has over 100 commands and is customisable. To customise the bot do p$settings and follow the inline guide. You can adjust the welcome and leave channels as the log channels and if you want to enable the leveling system. There also can be a default rank for the server.

To see all the command categories you can do p$help, the person who issued that command can then pick a number of one of the categories to be displayed in his/her dm's.

There are currently 8 categories

  • Internet
  • Money
  • Entertainement
  • Admin
  • General
  • Nsfw
  • Moderation
  • Development

All commands inside these categories are permission locked, that means that commands from moderation are not accessible by normal users. To unlock all features of the bot such as logging it needs to have admin permissions.

Because it has so much commands it's to much information to explain all of them, but the major ones that stand out are

  • translate
  • creatememe
  • image
  • rimage

If you want a custom alias it's also possible, just ask me : Eagler1997#7990

The bot is in development so I will regulary add more commands, if you have ideas feel free to contact me.

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