Graphical Fortnite Stats Bot with Auto Fortnite Shop, Server Status, Weekly Challenges, Rdm Drop and Fortnite Map

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EasyFortniteStats is the ultimate, feature-rich Fortnite Discord Bot which benefits your Fortnite or Gaming Community.


  • Graphical Stats
  • Nick Stats (Wins, BattlePass Level, Hype Points in Nickname)
  • Item Shop
  • Challenge Cheats
  • In-game News
  • In-game Radio
  • In-game Cosmetics


A full list of commands can be viewed in the Bot's Documentation:

Command Description
/stats lifetime Retrieve the lifetime stats of a Fortnite account.
/stats season Retrieve the season stats of a Fortnite account.
/stats competitive Retrieve the competitive stats of a Fortnite account.
/link Link your Discord account to your EpicGames account.
/verify Verify the ownership of your Fortnite Account.
/nickstats Show off your stats in your nickname.
/shop Display the current in-game item shop.
/challenges Display help for the weekly challenges.
/news Display the current in-game news.
/server-status Display the current Fortnite server status.
/map Display the current Fortnite map.
/drop Display a random location to drop.
/radio Open the radio player and start the radio playback.
/cosmetics Get information about in-game cosmetics.
/season Display the progress of the current season.
/event Display all in-game events with video playback.
/settings Manage the bot's settings.


Stats Feature

Competitive Stats Feature

News Feature

News Feature

Cosmetic Feature

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