Sx4 is a multipurpose bot aimed to help you in as many ways possible, with in depth features such as: Welcomer, Leaver, Economy, Moderation, Logging, Giveaway, Reaction Roles, Self Roles, Auto Role, Starboard, YouTube Notifications and more.

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Sx4 is a mutlipurpose bot, this means it can be used for many different purposes making it easier for you to focus your whole server around a few bots. It also has over 300 commands for many different purposes


Sx4 includes a variety of different moderation commands so you can organize your server to the best ability, it has things such as antilink, antiinvite, selfroles, autorole, a warning system, basic mod commands (mute, kick, ban etc) and so much more! All these things can also be logged in an optional mod-log to keep track of who's been muted, kicked, banned etc. You can also add reasons after the action has happened to make sure they are valid actions!


Sx4 is mainly based around it's economy system with many ways you can make money, you can get daily money where you can build up streaks as long as you come back everyday to collect your daily money, the higher streak the more chance you have of being rewarded a crate the higher the streak the higher chance of a better crate and a better reward. You can buy different pickaxes which can give you a variety of materials at a max of 1 per material as well as some money, pickaxes have durability and always guarentee profit with the added benefit of materials so the better the pickaxe the better the rewards, another way you can make money easily is, fishing, by default you can fish and it will give you a random amount between $2 to $15 every 5 minutes as long as you revisit the command every 5 minutes but you can buy rods with durability which give extra profit per fish so that you can make extra money at the cost of the rod price. A really effective way of collecting materials is miners you can buy them using the currency and they give you a variety of materials but it's not limited to 1 material you can have multiple of the same (miners are stackable) and then you can also gain materials through using your pickaxe and opening crates. With these materials you can purchase factories these factories yield you money depending on how hard it is obtaining the factory (factories are also stackable), or you can even sell your stuff on an online auction house built into the bot where you can also buy items off other users who also use the bot. You can also get some bonus money by simply voting for the bot to rocket your start in the economy, make sure to vote every 12 hours as it's very profitable in the long run (If you give your referral links to friends you get bonus money just for referring them) and it doubles on weekends due to votes counting as 2 so double the reward!

YouTube Notifications

Sx4 has the ability to send notifications for a YouTube channel to any channel in your discord server, this can be helpful if you want users to keep up to date with a certain channel or if you and your friends all watch a channel and want to know when they upload a video.

Reaction/Self Roles

Sx4 has reaction roles and self roles, 2 easy ways to give users roles without having to ask anyone. With reaction roles you can setup a reaction on a message to give a specific role when a user reacts to it and with self roles you can allow a user to use a command to gain a role. This makes it easier for users to get things such as colour roles if you have them setup, rather than them asking an Admin.


Sx4 has many utility commands such as commands like serverinfo, userinfo, channelinfo and roleinfo which gives detailed info on the desired user/role/server/channel. There are also commands such as invites which displays how many invites a user has for the current server, their placement for amount of invites and the percent of the server they have invited. This and so much more!


Sx4 has a Starboard which allows a lot of customizability such as being able to set a custom message for any amount of stars a messages gets, you are also able to jump to the starred message for ease and star on the starboard message and original message to make it as easy as possible for your users.


Sx4 can log your server to make sure your server stays safe, it has a very detailed logging system where it logs:

  • Deleted messages
  • Edited messages
  • When a user gets banned
  • When a user gets unbanned
  • When a user joins/changes/leaves a voice channel
  • When a user joins the server
  • When a user leaves the server
  • When a user gets a role
  • When a user is removed from a role
  • When a user has a nickname change
  • When a user is server muted/deafened in a voice channel
  • Permissions updates on a role, shows what perms have been removed/added
  • When a user adds a bot to the server


Sx4 has a welcomer which is highly customizable, you can edit the message it welcomes the user with and even the leave message, or you can just choose for it to be sent to the user's dms which automatically disables the leave message. You also have the option for your message to be displayed in an embed and a image welcomer options with a customizable banner.


There are many fun commands on Sx4 to keep you entertained, there are commands such as rock paper scissors which you can play against the bot (the bot logs how many you've won/lost in stats) you can also marry/divorce other users which can be displayed on your very own customizable profile, as well as use google, steam, urbandictionary, steamsearch so you can search for games easily, a randomly generated minesweeper with the new addition of spoilers, google translate and much more!

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